Simply Safe Slide In Tub


Traditional Walk In Tub

  • The time required to fill the Simply Safe Slide In Tub with water is the same amount of time as a standard bathtub.

The Simply Safe bathtub drains the water in 45 seconds.

  • The average time to fill a traditional walk in tub is 12 to 20 minutes.
  • Simply Safe allows you to completely recline and comfortably extend your legs.
  • The average time to drain a walk in tub is 15 to 20 minutes. This is a well known fact and it is the most common complaint of walk in tub owners. Go online and read the reviews. There are many unscrupulous walk in tub companies out there that claim to drain the tub in under 1 minutes. This is true; however they use an evacuation pump which is illegal in most of the 50 states because it damages your drain pipes and may even cause them to explode.
  • Simply Safe is the only safety tub that is user-friendly to those who are paraplegic or for those who are missing their lower limbs.
  • The standard walk in tub forces you to sit in a n upright position. This is another major complaint of walk in tub owners and for the most of our elderly it is very difficult for them to be able to bathe their legs and feet not to mention the fact that it is very uncomfortable.
  • Simply Safe has an extra wide door that is 38″ in width allowing for safe and easy entry and exit.
  • This tub cannot be used for paraplegics, the paralyzed or those missing their lower limbs. Unfortunately there is just no way for a caregiver to get them in and out of the tub.
  • Simply Safes seating area is wheelchair height which allows you to enter and exit the tub with comfort, stability and ease.
  • The walk in tub has a very narrow door making it very difficult to enter and exit thus making a “slip and fall” a more likely occurrence.
  • Our drain is conveniently placed between your thighs making it the most reliable and accessible drain on the market today.
  • While most walk in tubs are wheelchair height they do not allow the flexibility for taller or shorter people. Simply Safe is customized to each and every individual customer whether they are 5′ tall or 6’11” tall. We ensure that you will have the seat fitted for your appropriate height.
  • Our “No strength” locking door handle allows you to secure the door with ease. Unlike most tubs, you will be able to lock and unlock the door using the strength of a two year old child.
  • Most drains are attached to a lever or a chain which all have the capability of failure. So many instances have been cited in the local newspapers and on the internet of elderly people not being able to exit entrapped for up to 5 days because they were not able to exit the bathtub.
  • The fixtures on each Simply Safe Tub are personally customized to accommodate each and every individual customer.
  • Most walk in tubs have a very short locking handle thus preventing our seniors the capability of securing the door in place. Once again, we hear all of these horror stories of seniors not being able to open the door in order to exit and they are found by family members many days later.
  • Comfortable contoured seating gives you maximum comfort and relaxation.
  • The water fixtures on any walk in tub comes with a standard “one size fits all” type of mentality. There is no customizing or special fitting for specific needs.
  • The walk-in tub keeps you stuck in a seated position without the flexibility of reclining and fully extending your legs.