Simply Safe Slide in Tub

Half the cost of a traditional walk-in tub with installation.

The Best Solution to Make your Tub Simply Safe

How the Simply Safe Slide-In Tub Works

See how our solution can convert your regular tub into a Simply Safe Slide-In Tub for 1/2 the cost of a traditional walk in tub!


Custom Faucets


Not only is is easy to install, but our Tub fills in the same amount of time as a normal Tub. The biggest complaint of the walk in tubs is that the water gets cold by the time it fills!

The Simply Safe Slide in Tub has a full range of your choice of faucets. We carry all popular colors including Stainless, Brushed Nickle, and Antique Bronze.

Not only does our Tub fill faster than a walk in tub, but you do not have to sit in the tub and freeze while it drains forever. Our Tub drains in 45 seconds!

See Just How Simple and Safe it really is!

Let us help you get in the Tub for half the price!

We are locally owned and operated!