Standard Information

 You saw how safe and easy it was to enter our bathtub.

 The extra wide door makes this possible.

 If you can sit in a chair safely you can safely sit into our bathtub.

 Then move your legs into the bathtub.

 Did you notice the bather’s legs are extended in front of them. Just like in your regular bathtub.

 Just sit and slide your legs into the bathtub.


  Simply Safe Slide in Tub


  • Keeping Existing Wall Tile
  • $5,995!
  • Guaranteed for life 
  • Made in USA 
          I just want a safe bath”

   Standard Walk-in Tub


  • $12,000-$16,000
  • Made in China-USA-Mexico


           “This is a lot of money for a bath”

  1.)  Your Simply Safe Slide in Tub can be installed in your home for
as little as $5,995

  2.)  If you are a handy man or have a friend or family member with mechanical skills, you can save several hundreds of dollars by installing the bathtub yourself with there help in one day.


1.)  You install Simply Safe Slide in Tub yourself with
the help of a friend. Your cost $4,575.

2.)  Plus the cost of the faucet you pick out and the hoses.

3.)  Instead of paying $12,000-$16,000 to have a walk-in tub installed.

4.)  You connect the hoses and install the faucet and
secure the
bathtub platform to the 2X4 studs in the wall.

5.)  Then finish off the area where the wall tile and the
top of the Simply Safe Slide in Tub meet. Install ceramic
tile trim, that makes an attractive finish. The existing tub stays in place.                                                                                                                                             The Simply Safe Slide in Tub is placed on top of the existing tub.