When my father came home from the hospital last month after breaking his hip, I knew that we needed to have an immediate solution for bathing him as he could hardly stand, let alone step over into a bathtub in order to bathe. We did a lot of research on walk in tubs and found many that seemed to be very good. We decided to purchase the Simply Safe Slide In Tub for several different reasons but a major factor for us was the affordability factor. He wasn’t interested in jets and heaters. He just wanted to bathe safely so for us it has been a God Send! Thank you Simply Safe!
Nicole Gandy
Benicia, CA
Two years ago my mother had a stroke and it left her paralyzed of one half of her body. She cannot walk without assistance and is wheelchair bound. The Simply Safe Tub has been such a blessing as it allows us to easily bathe her. Before we purchased this safety tub we used to have to lay a tarp on the bed to bathe her. This tub has truly been a blessing. Thank you Simply Safe. We would recommend this tub to anyone who has mobility issues.
Greg Gomez
Vallejo, CA